At our core, Colony is a start-up. When it comes down to it, our sister-agencies and career-long relationships helped get Colony off the ground. And it got us thinking...

There are so many talented entrepreneurs, but many don't have the support system we benefit from. So we want to help.

We want to be the start-up for start-ups.
The Common Good Project was born to help start-up companies in their pursuit of brand awareness. The objective of the Common Good Project is to work with companies looking to raise their profile and benefit from the passionate and knowledgeable team at The Colony Project. As a start-up ourselves, we want to give back and share our knowledge and resources with like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the power of creativity, innovation and public relations.

In 2017, we launched The Common Good Project asking Canadian start-ups of all kinds to apply for a free workshop with some of the industry's leading PR minds. The session helped these companies understand how to further tell their stories through traditional media relations, influencer engagement, social media and additional marketing activations. The 5 companies selected came from various industries:
The Common Good Project 2018
Stay tuned for information and deadlines for upcoming opportunities from The Common Good Project. To get in touch, give us a shout: