The Common Good Project was born to help start-up companies in their pursuit of brand awareness. The objective of the Common Good Project is to work with companies looking to raise their profile and benefit from the passionate and knowledgeable team at The Colony Project. As a start-up ourselves, we want to give back and share our knowledge and resources with like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the power of creativity, innovation and public relations.
We're looking for companies determined to revolutionize their industry with ground-breaking ideas destined for success. Working together, we'll teach companies about reaching target audiences through strategic communications.

The Offering
The Common Good Project will offer select start-ups strategic communications counsel to empower them to raise their profile and reach new audiences. The agency team, along with a panel of advisors, will select five companies and offer successful businesses:
  • Customized, private half-day session with some of the industry's leading PR minds
  • PR counsel: Media and influencer relations insight; social and communication strategy
  • A group brainstorm to develop ideas and opportunities designed to encourage growth

Application & Evaluation Process
Interested companies are asked to provide succinct answers to the following questions. Each question will be weighted as outlined below:
  1. Tell us about your company (10%) - 125 words
  2. What makes you different or unique? (50%) - 500 words
  3. What are you looking to achieve? (10%) 125 words
  4. Tell us why you deserve to be selected (25%) - 250 words
Additional details you can tell us (5%)
  1. How new are you?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Have you done any PR so far?
  4. Anything else you think we should know?

Requirements: The Common Good Project is interested in applications from start-ups in all industries that have been founded within the past three years.
We'd love to hear more about you! If your start-up is interested in participating in this personalized workshop, give us a shout: